Enrollment Forms



Preference certificate

Policy Statements Maximum Roll
The schools maximum roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the schools Integration Agreement. The number of places available for non- preference students will be governed by the maximum allowable in the schools Integration Agreement which is 5% of the maximum roll.


Enrolment Procedures
The Board of Trustees of St Francis Catholic Primary School Pt Chevalier has formulated procedures which allow for the enrolment of new students.
There is no restriction on who may apply for entry, provided they fall within the legal description in the schools Integration Agreement.

Where the school receives more applications than places available, consistent with the Special Character of the school, preference is given to families who have an established connection with the Catholic Church. Preference of enrolment is established by the preference certificate in accordance with the criteria approved by the Bishops of New Zealand. (Last revised in 2009)

If the total number of applications for enrolment is greater than the number of places available, unsuccessful applicants will have their names recorded on a waiting list within their relevant priority category. They may be offered places at a later date if places become available according to the year level where the vacancy has arisen. The waiting list will remain current until the Board notifies the public that it is inviting applications.

The Board of Trustees delegates to the Principal, as professional leader and manager of the school, the responsibility to administer this enrolment scheme.

Priority in Enrolment

Priority 1.
Siblings of preference students already enrolled at St Francis School.

Priority 2.
Preference applicants having an affiliation with St Francis and St Therese parish, Pt Chevalier, as evidenced by the preference certificate.

Priority 3.
Preference applicants having an affiliation with Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu, as evidence by the preference certificate.

Priority 4.
Preference children of Board of Trustees employees.

Priority 5.
Preference applicants who have historical connection with St Francis School e.g. children of former students.

Priority 6.
All other preference applicants.

Priority 7.
Siblings of non-preference students enrolled at the school.

Priority 8.
All other non-preference students.