Our Board of Trustees

Co Board Chairs:


Callie Fell and James Murphy

Proprietor’s Representatives :

Stuart King, Carla Sheldon, Callie Fell and Father John Webb

Parent’s Representatives:


Emma ‘Uhila, Victoria Farry, Caroline Botting, Philip Jaggard and James Murphy

Staff Trustee:

Susan Milne

Board Secretary – Janet Skinner


St Francis BOT Newsletter Term 4 2019


What do BOT members do at St Francis Catholic School?

Our BOT assures the Ministry of Education that:

  • The students in the school are receiving a high quality standard of education
  • National priorities for school education are being addressed in the school
  • The resources are being used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for students

To be able to accept this responsibility requires the BOT to provide sound governance for the school as a professional teaching institution.  This means:

  • Ensuring staff have a clear sense of purpose
  • Setting priorities and goals for improvement of learning and achievement in the school particularly Maori and Pacific Islanders
  • Seeking assurance from the management (principal and senior staff) that the programmes being implemented in the school can achieve goals
  • Evaluating information on the outcomes that the school’s students are achieving in respect of the goals that have been set
  • Seeking assurance from the school’s management that the school’s resources are being used optimally to deliver the agreed outcomes, ensuring, for example that resources are available to ensure the knowledge and skills of the teacher / support are up to date

As BOT members of a Catholic School they must also ensure that students are educated within an atmosphere of Christ’s love which permeates all that occurs in the school.