To ensure that privacy for all is protected when information is collected and remains confidential at all times.

The Board requires that all activities procedures and policies of St Francis Catholic School will demonstrate in action and principle the Catholic Character of this school.



  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Scope This policy applies to all staff employed at St Francis Catholic School.


Associated Documents

School Charter, specifically containing:

  • Three year Strategic Plan,
  • Annual Plan
  • Religious Education Curriculum Plan
  • Self review Plan.

All policies and procedure documents and manuals of St Francis Catholic School will support in action and principle the foundation of this policy.


Policy Statements

Any personal information will be collected only for a purpose connected with a function of the school, and only where collection is necessary for that purpose.

Pupils at St Francis Catholic School will have one central education record.

Staff employed at St Francis Catholic School will have one central personnel file.

Complementary records may be held in certain circumstances, and such must be cross referenced in the central record.

Pupils’ education records are used as a permanent record of the pupils learning experience at St Francis Catholic School. These education records can also be used for training, research, administrative and ethical-legal purposes.

The location of the pupil’s education records and staff employment records within St Francis Catholic School must be known and kept secure.

The names and details of both pupils and their education information, and staff and employment records are not to be discussed in public areas or divulged to others.

All computers containing pupil/staff information are to be placed so that screens are unable to be read by unauthorised persons.

Any correspondence or other documentation containing pupil/staff information to be discarded must be discarded securely or shredded. All parties are advised to comply with Ministry of Education guidelines regarding disposal of records.

There is a legal and professional responsibility and duty to ensure that documentation in education records is legible, current, factual, objective, and accurately reflects the learning experience of the pupil. Documentation must be evidential of the pupil’s progress and learning achievement.

This policy is implemented through the application of all associated documents stated above.