Policy Development

The purpose of policy making is to:

  • To implement the School’s Charter (inclusive of Strategic Plan and Annual Plan).
  • To provide clear frameworks for decision-making by the Principal and Board of Trustees of the School.
  • To provide information on where the School stands on key issues for all staff, students, parents and the community in general.



Policy or procedure document may be initiated by the Board on behalf of the community and parent body; and the Principal on behalf of the pupils, staff or curriculum requirements.

All approved Policy decisions will be made by the Board and the Chairperson who is authorised to be signatory.



Particular to this policy there shall always be a concern for the legality of all proposed Policies. Where advisable the Board shall endeavour to ensure that no statute or existing Board Policies or agreements are contravened by proposed Policies.


Associated Documents

School Charter, specifically containing:

  • Three year Strategic Plan,
  • Annual Plan
  • Religious Education Curriculum Plan
  • Self review Plan.

Other documents associated with this Policy include the contents of :

  • St Francis Catholic School Policy Manual
  • St Francis Catholic School Governance Manual
  • St Francis Catholic School Operational Manual
  • St Francis Catholic Health and Safety Manual.

Through its responsibility of governance and best practice as an employer, the Board of trustees commits to the application of the following documents:

  • Handbook for the Board of Trustees of New Zealand Catholic Integrated Schools.
  • National Collective teachers contract
  • Catholic Teachers Council Code of Ethics.


Policy Statement

Policy making is the process by which the Board of St Francis implements the goals and objectives of its Charter. To fulfil these intentions, key issues will be identified and expressed as a written policy and or procedure which contain clear guidelines outlining this school’s future actions and operations. Any decision made by the Board must be representative of the school community.


The Board recognises that one of its key functions is to establish and review policy in line with the self review programme.

As part of its approval the Board requires the Principal to circulate and make available all policies and procedures to all staff.


School policies will be available to pupils and parents/caregivers from the school foyer. Policy documents are controlled documents. If for any occasion that are to be distributed electronically, they are firstly to be created as a “pdf” document. This is to ensure that only authorised amendments are ever made. The distribution of controlled documents must first have the consent of the Board Chairperson and Principal.


Policy Statements

Policy development at this school consists of defined Policies and Procedures. There remains an allowance for both Policies and Procedures to refer to, and list associated documents that the individual can also apply.

Policy is defined as a statement or a statement that tells the reader what must or must not be done, or defines the St Francis’s position. Compulsory components of a policy are:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Legislation
  • Associated Documents
  • Policy Statements

Procedures are a set of steps that an individual performs to complete an outcome. “This is the way we do it here”…. Compulsory components of Procedures are:

  • Responsibilities
  • Procedure
  • Procedure Statements.
  • Steps and actions of a procedure are set out clearly and concisely.

Associated Documents are resources that an individual can apply or refer with in complying to the Policy or Procedure. Examples of Associated Documents include:

  • Legislative Acts
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Information sheets
  • Guides
  • Ministry of Education recommendations.


Date issued – is the date upon which the document is ratified by the Board of Trustees.

Review date – is the date upon which the document must be reviewed, to remain authorised and current.


All Policy and Procedure documents require ratification at the Board of Trustee meeting, before being authorised as school Policy or Procedure. This includes any decisions regarding the addition or removal of Policies or Procedure documents.

The Principal by acting in accordance with the Operational Policy will ensure that the contents of the Operational Manual and Health and Safety manual will be reviewed, prior to being presented to the Board for ratification. This will be completed tri-annually, prior to the stated review date.

The Board of Trustees by acting in accordance with the Governance Policy will ensure that the Policy Manual will be reviewed prior to being presented to the Board for ratification. This will be completed tri-annually and prior to the stated review date.