Curriculum Delivery & Assessment


The New Zealand Curriculum sets expectations for teaching, learning and assessment for students in New Zealand schools. The government communicates society’s expectations of the school system through its national education priorities.

This policy ensures that teachers at St Francis Catholic School meet all the requirements of the NZ National Framework, NZ National Curriculum and the religious education programme for Catholic Primary School in Aotearoa New Zealand as authorized by the NZ Catholic Bishops conference.

Mission Statement: “Providing a Catholic education that develops the whole person”.

Vision Statement: “To continue fostering our Catholic faith in a way that nurtures and provides challenges for all children, enabling them to develop as socially responsible, well rounded individuals within a secure and culturally inclusive environment”



Education Act 1989



The School Charter will reflect the national education priorities identified by the Ministry of Education, and will demonstrate planning and implementation of the NZ curriculum and religious education programme to all pupils at St Francis Catholic School.

The Principal and teaching staff manage and implement the curriculum at St Francis Catholic School, approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees through its act of governance will ensure that the principal and staff are implementing the curriculum, and are regularly reporting to the community and to the Ministry of Education on targets identified annually.

The Principal will report to the Board of Trustees on targets, priorities, areas of professional development for staff, progress and learning outcomes of Maori/Pasifika, boys and girls, reporting on student’s progress to parents in line the National Administration Guidelines in particular Nag 2 and Nag 2A (National standards)


Associated Documents

School Charter, specifically containing:

• Three year Strategic Overview,

• Annual Action Plans

• Religious Education Curriculum Document

• Self review Document

Appraisal procedure document

St Francis Catholic school Curriculum Overviews

St Francis Catholic School Assessment Document

St Francis Catholic School reporting to parents Document


Catholic Character Policy

Bicultural Policy

Governance Policy

New Zealand Curriculum Framework


Policy Statements

Assessment and evaluation takes many forms and is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The main purpose of assessment is to improve learning outcomes and deliver quality teaching and learning programmes for all students. This school recognises that effective teaching is one of the most significant influences on positive learning outcomes for students.

Professional development is essential for teachers to update knowledge, reflect on classroom teaching and learning to enhance student learning outcomes.

The appraisal process for staff will reflect that the professional development of staff is aligned to annual charter priorities, individual teaching and learning goals, leadership goals that reflect a focus on improving learning outcomes for all students.

This policy is implemented through the application of all associated documents stated above.

The Board requires that all activities procedures and policies of St Francis School will demonstrate in action and principle that Catholic Character of this school.


Authorised by the St Francis Catholic School Board of Trustees.

Reviewed July 2010