Catholic Character

The Board of Trustees requires that all activities procedures and policies of St Francis Catholic School will demonstrate in action and principle the Catholic Character of this school.

This school is a Catholic School in which the whole Catholic Community, through the general school programme and in its religious instructions and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are as expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Catholic Church, as determined by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand.



  • Private School Conditional Integration Act 1975
  • Education Act 1989
  • Religious education programme as authorized by the NZ Bishops Conference 1999



Teachers are to follow the strands and modules in the Religious Education Curriculum as authorised by the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference 1999.

Staff and children will participate in school, team, and class liturgical celebrations. Parents, Parishioners and the Parish Priest are invited and provided with opportunities that support the religious education programme and their own spiritual and faith development.

Staff will participate and lead daily prayer.

All staff will be required to attend Religious Education professional development courses.

Teachers who are new to this school or are from other faiths, will be required as part of their employment agreement, to take part in professional development, to support the teaching of the religious education programme and to enable them to uphold the special Catholic character of the school.

Each year the Director of Religious Studies after collaboration with staff, liturgy team and community, will formulate the annual foci for “Missions”.

Consideration will be given to support the mission of the Catholic Church as well as being compassionate towards the needs of communities in NZ and world wide.

The Director of Religious Studies will work to ensure liaison between Parish and School community.


Associated Documents

School Charter, specifically containing:

  • Three year Strategic Plan,
  • Annual Plan
  • Religious Education Curriculum Plan
  • Self review Plan.
  • Pastoral care plan


Policy Statements

This school recognises parents and caregivers as the first faith educators of pupils attending this school, and staff at St Francis will work to support parents and caregivers in this role.

This Board of Trustees supports the identification and encouragement of potential faith leaders, and recognises the need to have adequately trained staff in all aspects of religious education and the Catholic faith.

The Religious Education programme authorized by the NZ Bishops conference 1999 will be integrated across all curriculum areas.

This policy is implemented through the application of all associated documents stated above.