The Board requires that all activities procedures and policies of St Francis School will demonstrate in action and principle the Catholic Character of this school.

The purpose of this policy is to provide direction and guidance to enable staff and Board of Trustee members of St Francis Catholic School, to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities under Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and in particular to ensure a direction and approach for improving education outcomes for and with Maori learners.



Te Tiriti O Waitangi



The principles contained within this policy shall apply to all staff employed at St Francis Catholic School, and all members of the Board of Trustees. The principal will facilitate consultation with Maori about goals for education. All actions will have consideration to empowerment, active involvement, cultural and spiritual safety, and intellectual property rights.


Associated Documents

  • School Charter
  • Catholic Character Policy
  • National Administration Guidelines
  • National Education Guidelines

All policies and procedure documents and manuals of St Francis Catholic School will support in action and principle the foundation of this policy.


Policy Statements

There are three concepts critical to implementation of this policy. They are:

  • Participation
  • Active involvement
  • Cultural and Spiritual Safety

Participation: actions will incorporate as a minimum the education of Maori pupils priority; recognising Maori concepts and meaning of education; providing opportunities for Maori through education and participation.

Active involvement: opportunities for Maori to become involved, will be available at all levels.

Cultural and Spiritual Safety: for this school, this means that all students, staff and Board of Trustees will be familiar with Maori customs, protocols, beliefs and values to ensure the elimination of risk of inappropriate practices which cause offence or which may marginalise participation on cultural grounds.

This school will support the specific initiatives of the Ministry of Education, and other inter-sectoral initiatives, to improve the educational success of Maori specifically by:

  • Recognising Maori participation in the learning process
  • Supporting the participation of Maori-medium education opportunities within the community
  • Providing support for all teachers to raise student achievement
  • Fostering Maori involvement and influence in education through partnerships and effective relationships with iwi and Maori organisations.

National Education Goals seek increased participation by and success for Maori in education and acknowledgement of the unique place of Maori in New Zealand.

This policy is implemented through the application of all associated documents stated above.


Date issued: July 2008
Review date: July 2011
Authorised by St Francis Board of Trustees