Road Safety

Road safety is an aspect of the children’s education, which is a shared responsibility between the school and the parents.  It should ensure the safe arrival of the children to/from School


  • To ensure the safety of our children as they travel to and from the school.
  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own personal safety while on or near the road.
  • To ensure there are rules and guidelines for all methods of transport children may be using while in our care at school.
  • To encourage Police visits to reinforce safety procedures.




  • Children are encouraged to follow the safest route to and from school.
  • Children will be encouraged to use the Walking Bus, if available and expected to follow the guidelines and procedures set out by the Walking Bus programme.
  • Children must walk on the footpath where one is available
  • Children must use pedestrian crossings and school road patrol where available in the morning and in the afternoon children must use the teacher-supervised crossings.
  • Children in junior classes are given training on the correct way to walk on and cross the road, using such programmes as Stepping Out.



  • No child to ride a bike to school below year 5 unless accompanied by an adult and will have had written permission from their parents/caregivers that the principal will have approved.
  • All children are to wear a cycle helmet correctly fitted and fastened as legally required.
  • Children in senior classes are given instruction / training on safe cycling using programmes such as ‘Riding By’.


Bus Safety

  • Buses hired for school trips must have adequate seating for the number of children being carried on the bus (Y0-3 = 3 children per seat Y4-8 = 2children per seat)
  • On school trips at least one teacher must accompany each bus and must ensure all children are accounted for
  • Children are given instruction as required on general bus rules, emergency procedures and conduct expected when boarding or leaving the school bus.


Car Safety 

  • Children will be instructed in correct procedures for travelling in a car.
  • Where private vehicles are used for a school trip the school is to have procedures to ensure that seatbelts, licences and warrants comply with the law.


Picking up/Dropping off of children

When parents are picking children up from school they should ensure that:

  • Children alight and enter the car from a footpath side door
  • Parents may not park and wait for their children for any longer than the specified time in the 5 minute drop off parking zone.
  • Parent not to obstruct private/school driveways when parking and waiting for their children.

Road safety procedures are a lifetime necessity, which we as a school can help to establish firmly, at an early age for the present and future benefit of our pupils.  The priorities given to road safety for school children reflect the needs of the local community and legal requirements.


Chaos at the School Gate

St. Francis School participates in Auckland City’s Chaos at the School Gate programme.  This involves parking officers being placed outside the school to observe non-compliant behaviours and issue tickets to those illegally parked.

The Chaos at the School Gate programme has been very successful and is helping to reduce the danger to our children and improve the traffic flow around our school.


Bike Better

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